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Acceptance of terms of conditions

By registering for and/or using the condition in any way, include but are not restricted to viewing or surfing through the website, you agree with the Terms of Conditions as well as all other work procedures, regulations, and processes that we may submit from periodically on the website or through the Services, each of which is deeply integrated and each of which may be upgraded by us from occasionally. You are not eligible to, and need not, acquire or use the Services if you do not agree these Terms and Conditions.

Housing & In-Shala Premises

  • Accommodation will be provided until the 28th of the course attending month.
  • Keep the accommodation clean.
  • Accommodation will be cleaned twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday), other days as a part of Karma Yoga you have to clean your room by taking turns.
  • Playing loud music and disturbing the neighbours /roommates is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not burn incense in the room.
  • Do not move the furniture and do not stick anything on the wall or make it dirty.
  • Leave your footwear outside.
  • Drinking alcohol, eating non-vegetarian food, or smoking cigarettes is strictly prohibited in-Shala premises.
  • You are responsible for your belongings; we take no responsibility for any belongings lost.
  • Strict silence from 9 pm to 8 am should be maintained in-Shala premises.
  • Switch off the lights and fan while coming to class and while going out.
  • Carry the keys provided while going out; otherwise, you will be locked outside. Loss of keys incurs you Rs.2, 000 INR fine.
  • Lock the ground floor door while going out/ coming in.
  • Before sleeping lock the ground floor door and switch off kitchen and hall lights and fan.
  • Washing machine allowed for personal usage but minimum wash load: 10 to 15 clothes.
  • After showering wipe off the water.
  • Do not flush tissue or sanitary items.
  • Any damage to fittings, furniture or any 'TheYogaShala' belongings caused by you will be charged extra.
  • TheYogaShala has limited internet data. Avoid uploading and downloading large files.


  • Use purifier water to warm the water in a kettle.
  • Keep the kitchen counter, sink and dining table clean.
  • Put dry waste in the 'Green' bin and wet waste in the 'Yellow' bin.
  • Wash the plates, cups and other utensils after use and keep them in the same place.
  • Do not waste the food or store any food in the fridge.
  • Take your turns and wash the containers in which you get the food.
  • South Indian food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) will be provided from Monday to Friday (3rd to 27th).
  • Breakfast - South Indian breakfast like Idly, Upma, Pongal, Lemon Rice and many more. 
  • Lunch - Rice, Sambar and Vegetable Salad.
  • Dinner - Chapattis and Curry or Vegetable Salad.
  • Practice Hall
  • Leave the footwear outside.
  • Keep the practice hall clean.
  • Do not eat or drink anything except water, as it attracts ants.
  • Do not leave your mats after practice.
  • Keep the blocks, straps and other props in the same place after use and do not take them outside.
  • Keep the cushions properly in their place after use.
  • While practicing if the mat shreds/ the rubber dust, you have to clean it.


  • You have to be in class on time.
  • All classes are mandatory; the only exception can be made during illness.
  • Mobiles or any electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited inside classes.
  • Recording the classes by audio, video or photos is strictly prohibited.
  • If you have any doubts you have to ask the concerned teacher directly.
  • Do not disturb the class, by asking questions in between.

TheYogaShala reserves the right to dismiss the student from the course or to deny the certification for the following reasons:-

Violent behaviour, sexual misbehaviour, disrespecting teachers, non-commitment to the program, drugs or alcohol consumption, disregard to the silence rule, etc.
Everyone is expected to clear all payments within the first week of the course. 
If any student leaves the course before completion, Fee is non-refundable.
TheYogaShala is not responsible for any injury, illness, accidents or any unexpected consequences within and outside TheYogaShala premises.

Client Conduct

You are exclusively liable for your conduct when utilizing the Website and any Forums, and you make a deal to avoid doing any of the accompanying:
(a) imitate any individual or element or in any case distort your association with an individual or substance;
(b) intimidate, exploit, or in any case bother or cause distress to different clients;
(c) send circulate, spontaneous or mass business electronic interchanges, networking letters, or fraudulent business models;
(d) reap or in any case gather or uncover data about different clients without their assent;
(e) utilize the Website or the Forums for any illicit or unapproved reason or participate in, energize, or advance any criminal behavior, or any movement that disregards these Terms;
(f) evade or endeavor to go around any separating, safety efforts or comparative highlights that secure the Website, our clients and TheYogaShala;
(g) utilize any information mining, robots or comparable information extraction strategies; and
(h) disperse or empower any malware or other vindictive code. You recognize and concur that we are not obligated in any way for the lead of different clients. Infringement of these client lead rules might bring about the suspension or end of your entitlement to utilization of the Website.

Unauthorised Information or Use

You may not interrupt with the Site and any other user's utilization of the Website unless specifically allowed in this Terms or on the Website. You must follow all relevant statutes, ordinances, guidelines, rules, and other authorities when using the Website. Furthermore, we encourage Website users to protect the rights and integrity of everyone.