Cancellation/ Refund Policy

TheYogaShala maintains the right to cancel any reservation if it is deemed necessary. If there is a violation of TheYogaShala Rules, any error on the part of the applicant, or if a trainee's enrolment is cancelled for any reason, NO money will be returned. Only at the discretion of the management can payment be transferred to another training session if there are exceptional circumstances. After paying the deposit/full payment, the payer will be refunded 10% of the cash collected by the organisation if admission is denied for any reason at the Institution's discretion. In the event of a cancellation or no-show, there will be a 100% cancellation fee or no refund.  We will get in touch with you assuming all or any piece of your request is dropped or then again if extra data is needed to acknowledge your request. In the event that we can't handle your request inside 15 working days we will give a discount.

The student has the option to drop out of the program at any time. There will be no refund in this case, and readmission will not be agreed upon. Children, parents, tourists, and others who may engage in any of our programmes are not covered by liability insurance provided by TheYogaShala.
100% Cancellation Charges or no refund in case of Cancellation or No-Show.


    • Acts of God, war, and the threat of war, airport closures, civil turmoil, natural catastrophes, accidents, and other circumstances beyond our control, are not covered by TheYogaShala. These include injuries, illnesses, physical or psychological disorders established by trainees during or after the course, as well as loss of or damage to personal property during the course. 
    • The organization is not liable/ responsible for any flight cancellation, rescheduling, or delays. No Fees will be refunded in such cases.
    • TheYogaShala disclaims any responsibility for injuries or diseases sustained by participants during training, workshops, retreats, or classes. By participating in training, workshops, retreats, or classes, trainees retain control and direction over all of their physical activities and voluntarily assume full responsibility and accept the risk of harm, including physical injury and discomfort, as a result of their participation in programme activities. Thus, no Fees will be refunded.
    • The organization is not liable/ responsible for any person contracting Covid-19 after booking for the classes or during the stay. No Fees will be refunded in such cases.
    • TheYogaShala disclaims any responsibility for students’ activities beyond TheYogaShala premises. In case of detention/deportation due to violation of law or misconduct outside TheYogaShala premises, no Fees will be refunded.