I've attended a slew of Yoga classes. TheYogaShala is a one-of-a-kind, rare yoga shala that emits an incredible aura. I wholeheartedly recommend this location as your go-to yoga shala.


TheYogaShala saved my life! Yoga has given me not only physical health but also peace and an overall sense of well-being! I am lucky to be able to practice Astanga Yoga.


Teaching Astanga Yoga is difficult but Mr. Avnish does it wonderfully. During our yoga sessions, his expertise was exceptional. You truly are the best teacher, Thank you!


10 reasons why Avnish is one of the most skilled fitness gurus I know:
1) His approach to fitness is holistic, which means he will focus on everything from strength, agility, balance to flexibility, mobility and cardio.
2) He is acutely focused on form and alignment. As a yoga practitioner and a certified yoga teacher, this is something I appreciate endlessly about him.
3) He makes each workout SO MUCH FUN.
4) In 4 years of training with him, I have yet to have been through 2 classes that have been the same. Not even kidding.
5) Unlike a purely physical approach to fitness, Avnish also factors in the smaller things. He always advises against using an AC during class urges students to reduce fan speed, ensures workouts are in sync with seasonal changes in temperature - all hallmark qualities of a good trainer.
6) He takes the time out to get to know you, and your personality before he trains you.
7) In the last four years, he’s become a dear friend, apart from a trusted trainer.
8) He’s a wonderful person - full of empathy & encouragement, and I love his vibe.
9) He’s high on EQ and extremely perceptive; which means, he senses your bad days and will respect your body’s need for rest.
10) He gets you results. Not only because he’s the best, but because he truly brings out the best in you.


When I started training with Avnish, my sole aim was to lose weight. It was more like a task for me, and I used to drag myself to complete it. Presently, it's been five years, and my fitness journey with Avnish has been so gratifying and all about self-discovery. Avnish not only motivates you to do better, but he makes every session challenging and fun at the same time, I don't mind waking up at 7 AM to get trained.
No sessions are ever the same, one day I'll be boxing, and the next half of the session I'll be perfecting some aasans or learning knife tricks. He takes an extra effort to know you as a person, understands your body, and then designs a routine for you, which is NOT BORING (trust me that is so important). He is an amazing trainer- cum-friend with an immense amount of knowledge in fitness. For me, he is my fitness home, and I would recommend him any day - trust me, your mind and body will thank you!


If you want the correct form and want to progress with each class, then training with Avnish is the way to go. Nothing in his class is been done in a hurry or mindlessly in order to make you “sweat”

His extensive knowledge on human mechanism and multiple disciplines (Comabative arts ,Ashtanga Vinyasa, Functional Training) in a perfect blend to ensure that you warm up well, train well and cool down properly. Every class is thought through. His philosophy of “ATTANING FLEXIBILITY ON THE BASES OF STRENGTH” makes all the difference.

He pushes your limits so subtly that you don’t even realize till you have achieved something that you thought you couldn’t do.

He is a friend, a teacher and a guide.

Thank you Avnish.


 I started my fitness journey with Avnish sir back in 2016 and I was very reluctant cause I never liked working out. I remember my first day at the training studio, 7am, walking in with the attitude of just going cause I had signed up for classes but I remember walking out, highly motivated and actually looking forward to my next session with him. I had never enjoyed a yoga session as much as I did that day. This was all thanks to Sir. The way he curates his classes keeping in mind your goals, giving you personalised attention even through group sessions, motivating you to push your boundaries and making you feel great about yourself. Trust me, at the end of every session you walk out feeling super proud.

Sessions with him are all about self discovery. He made me realise I have the strength and the ability to keep growing and moving forward with my journey, pushing little by little. There were days where I felt less motivated cause I wasn’t seeing any results but he helped change my mindset, making me realise that a little progress each day adds up to big results and you must keep going. He truly is a great motivator actually looking out for you and ensuring you get the desired results the right way! 

5 years and counting, I would like to thank sir for putting up with my laziness and for nudging me to keep going cause I had it in me. You are an amazing teacher and I am so glad to have begun my journey with you.


The word 'mindfulness' is described truely in Avnish's class. His sessions not alone focus on physical wellbeing but woke you mentally as well.

His exercises are designed keeping body's kinesiology in mind and gives a perfect sense of overall balance . And take my word on this- You will definitely feel remarkable difference in your body movements and alignment. Every session is different, fun and worth waking early in the morning for. He is an amazing teacher in every sense. 



I enrolled for a Yogashala’s “ONLINE/ OFFLINE HYBRID TTC MODULE” and I must say it was way more interactive and informative than I thought.


The Asanas were explained in a very scientific way which made our practice stronger and that helped bring in a lot of awareness. The highlight of the TTC was the weekend Theory class by Avnish Mehta which is a must attend for everyone. The way he explains the relation between movements, functional strength and its application in Asanas actually helps you understand the Asanas better.


According to me this TTC programme is not about Yoga Certification but its more about a deeper understanding about yourself.


I am glad that I took an initiative to learn from The YogaShala!



I signed up for the “HYBRID TTC MODULE” in order to enhance my current state of well-being and dancing which I have been pursuing for more than 15+ years.


The idea was learn something different and must say that the TTC module was much more than that. I like the way they have broken down Ashtanga Primary series into smaller fragments in order to make you understand the fundamentals of the Asanas. These in turn help you understand, the changes which one goes through in conjunction to your strength and the gravitational force.


The weekend theory classes were amazing, the way Avnish brings his elaborated years of teaching experience in Martial Arts and Functional Fitness on the table. The theory classes really help you understand the intricate basics which are fundamentally important for any fitness regime or even just to understand how a body functions.


I would give 10 on 10 for the efforts put behind imparting the knowledge with such ease. Highly recommended to everybody.

It is worth every minute and every penny spent!


I like the way Avnish has taken special efforts in breaking down the syllabus into smaller bits in order to make things digestible for regular practitioners like me and taking a huge step towards becoming a teacher.


There is much more than what meets the eye as far as this “HYBRID TTC” is concerned. The online yoga classes combined with the weekend theory classes are a perfect balance for anyone who is keen to learn but has time constraints.

The module not only helped me in gaining knowledge but also empowered me towards identifying and solving issues as a practitioner.


I must say this is not only about Yoga or Asanas but it’s all about self-awareness, your limitations and how you can overcome them with a deeper sense of balance and calm.